Wave Spell Live - Arrival Info

August 16-19, 2018


We’re looking forward to having you!

As this is the very first Wave Spell Festival we are working extra hard to make this event extremely memorable, while also creating an environment for everyone’s safety and well-being. Below is some important information. Please take some time to review it.

** Put this address into your GPS **
25168 Feather River Hwy, Twain, CA 95984

This is where the Box Office / Off Site Parking lot is located and where everyone will check-in. It’s located 10.2 miles EAST of Belden Town Resort between Belden and Quincy.

Our Number 1 recommendation for having a great time upon arrival is: Be patient. Accommodating many campers and all their gear through a one lane road with no on-site parking is no easy task. But fear not… You are in a beautiful place amongst friends and if you follow the guidance of our staff we’ll get you through as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

  • Gates open at Noon on Thursday
  • Parking & check in will happen at an off-site lot.
  • There is no vehicle parking on site
  • Parking at the off-site lot will cost $20 cash or $25 on credit card
  • Shuttles will NOT be running 24 hrs/day, so please familiarize yourself with the below schedule
  • If you arrive before shuttles start on Thursday morning, please wait in the parking lot until the service starts
  • Please do not arrive Wednesday night as the parking lot will not be open


You will check in at the off site box office, in the parking lot where you’ll park your car. Do not drive to Belden to park. After swapping your ticket for a wristband you’ll load your gear into the box truck and then board the shuttle to the festival site. The shuttles will be running back and forth to bring campers and their gear from the off site parking lot to the festival campsite. Upon arrival to the festival campsite our campground team will escort you to the campsite to get set up.

Tickets for Entry:

There is no Will Call option for ticket holders. You will need to have your Print At Home Ticket or Hard Ticket you received in the mail upon entry. Note: The shuttles take time to load/unload and have limited space, so please be patient and take some time to meet your fellow festival goers ……. you’ll be on site as soon as possible.


( VIP Only 10am-12pm )
Full Service 12pm-2am
( VIP Only 10am-12pm )
Full Service 12pm-2am
Limited Service 12pm-1am ( single shuttle )
Full Service 12pm-12am
Early Departure: 6am-8am
Full Service 8am-8pm

IMPORTANT: Please plan your travels to arrive while the shuttle is still operating!

Expected Wait Time for Shuttles:
Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours… ( Numbers are based on previous Belden Town festivals, however we have planned twice the
passenger capacity as other Belden Town events …)

Lost or stolen items:
Wave Spell is not responsible for any lost or stolen items on the shuttles or in the parking lot. Please keep track of your possessions.

Camping Gear / Luggage Transport:
All camping equipment and luggage will be loaded into box trucks that will ride with the shuttles.

There will be 1 box truck for every 2 shuttles.
When 1 shuttle is on, there will be 1 box truck per shuttle.

Drop Off:
The drop off location will be the main camping entrance, which is noted on the site map. It’s a short walk from the drop off point to the camping area. The beautiful Feather River runs next to the venue & campgrounds and is accessible for swimming & floating during the daytime. The event location has plenty of camping under the trees and an old-timey saloon for drink and food, plus a general store for snacks, ice, and water. We encourage people to share a ride with someone whenever possible, to save gas and space in the parking lot

Box Office Hours :

Thursday August 16th 10am-12am
Friday August 17th 10am-1am
Saturday August 18th 12pm-1am

Check out our rideshare facebook page here:

Camp Departure:

Any cars that are left in the parking lot after Monday are subject to being towed.

How to Pack:


Vehicle parking doesn’t happen on site, but in a parking lot 10.2 miles away.
Please pack with this information in mind …..
1. Pack for carrying everything from the drop off point to the camping area , since you won’t
be driving to your campsite.
2. Don’t pack in numerous small bags, or use overly large containers that are hard to carry.
3. Ins & Outs are allowed but highly discouraged. Please avoid the need to go back to your
car in the parking lot by bringing all of your gear with you upon arrival.
4. Plan to pack it all out at the end. The venue doesn’t have the capacity to handle all the
trash we will generate. So bring trash bags and save room in your vehicle for carrying
everything out. And remember to grab your floaties before you leave too!
5. Plan to pack up by Monday morning. Wave Spell is over Monday at 2pm, so plan
accordingly to have your gear ready to go once the event ends.
** We suggest you make a final gas / last supply stop in either Marysville or Oroville.

What to pack:
– Your printed ticket
– Tent, sleeping bag, mat, pillow, etc
– Sun shade to camp under
– Flashlight / headlamp
– Water Bottle (free water fill up stations on site)
– Bug Spray & Sunscreen
– Swimwear and a towel for daytime, layers for night
– Trash bags to leave no trace in your area at the end of the event
– Snacks and/or additional meals
– Any medicines or toiletries that you think you may need
– Some cash
– A padlock for your tent

What NOT to pack: ( As these items will not be allowed on site )
– Your pet or any animal ( other than a legal service trained animal with current paperwork )
– Fireworks or any other fire-related items, including lanterns etc
– Bicycles/Unicycles/Scooters
– Motorized vehicles
– Drones/Aircraft
– Slacklines
– Spray Paints
– Nitrous or Co2 Tanks
– Weapons of any kind
– Any item you think that you may be asked not to bring onto the site for safety reasons.

As you know, Northern California summers are dry and hot,
and there are currently multiple wildfires burning in the state.
Please review the following info so we can make sure to be responsible and safe during our
time at Belden.
– You’ll need to get a permit to use the communal grills. You can get one online and it’s free.
Here is the permit page: http://www.preventwildfireca.org/Campfire-Permit/
– No personal BBQs or grills.
– There are communal BBQs available to use on the festival grounds.
– No grilling in the campgrounds.
– Smoke responsibly. Use lidded ashtrays and please dispose of waste safely.
– Please be extra careful with any cookstoves, and remember:


Anyone lighting fires, setting off fireworks, or engaging in other dangerous
behavior will be removed from the site.
Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, we hope that they have been helpful.
If you have additional questions, please fill out a general inquiry on our website:

General Inquiry

Now, to the fun stuff! Check out the full music schedule below