Wave Spell Live - Belden Town, CA

August 16-19, 2018

If you purchased one of our VIP Packages WITH Upgraded Camping or the Ready Set Camp Package for 1-2 People, we’ll be providing NEW Ozark Trail 7’ x 7’ Dome Tents instead of the cardboard KarTents. Here’s an updated list of exactly what purchasers will be receiving in regard to sleepng…

NEW Ozark Trail 7’ x 7’ Camping Dome Tent
Queen Sized Inflatable Airbed Mattress
(2) 3 lb – 33″ x 75″ Sleeping Bags
(2) pillows
1 Portable Outdoor LED Camping Lanterns

We decided to switch to the Ozark Tent for a few reasons. The Ozark Tent provides more square footage than the KarTent does and it’s breathable, where the KarTent wasn’t. We’re also giving everyone the option to keep the Ozark Tent after the event has ended. Need a new tent? Now you’ll have one!

If you don’t want to keep the new Ozark Tent, don’t worry, it will be donated to a charity that supports homeless youth in the area, Youth for Change, a California-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit providing services to homeless youth.

This will be the first email in a series of emails that we’ll be sending to purchasers over the next two weeks leading up to the event.

Thanks to everyone. We look forward to seeing you in only two short weeks!
– Your Wave Spell Team