About Wave Spell

We’re proud to present a new experience, a small intimate festival focused completely on music, art and community. We envision a small utopia where the music and art flow constantly. We plan to take over Belden Town in Northern California and create a space where you can get away and immerse yourself in all sorts of activities: workshops, yoga, swimming, beach and so much more!

STS9 will be playing 9 total sets throughout the weekend, including 3 unique one-of-a-kind Wave Spell sets. For those who don’t know, Wave Spell is STS9 in its rawest form. Where there are no setlists or conversations about what to play, just tap into the moment and let the music happen. It’s a conversation where the speaking is solely done with instruments. A time for complete exploration. It’s a series dedicated to the belief that music is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It casts its spell through waveforms carrying sound and light, moving energy and frequencies through our mind, body and soul.

The other 6 sets will be all-out STS9 sonic voyages. No Limits. The full catalog will be delved into for this weekend. Prepare for full orbit. PLUS an incredible lineup with loads of friends of past, present and future.
Just Thanks.